Supply all Demag Genuine parts at competitive rates. 

In most cases we can we can repair at a much cheaper cost than a new replacement.

screw tip

Screws & Tips
 Screws & Screw tip assemblies - standard, wear resistant & highly wear resistant.

NC4 iBed

NC4  iBed
We can repair the old units or provide service exchange units / Upgrade the disk drive to USB and change the screen from black and white to colour

Technology Module

Technology Module


 We can offer nitrided, bi-metallic, wear resistant & (specials upon request.)

heater bands

Heater Bands
 Supplied for most machines - please supply size, & wattage

Modas Cards

 Modas Card 
 Modas Cards Dias and C Dias and all NC 3 parts, 


 We can offer a varied range

Modas Cards

Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pumps can be overhauled saving to buy new.

Ergo Control iBed

Ergo Control IBed
We can repair old units or provide service exchange units and upgrade the disk drive to USB.